I have always enjoyed working with musicians to capture them live or to tell a narrative

Music Videos

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Rezza Pahlevani - 'Roozmaregi'
This is the 1st video of a series that I am producing for an Iranian pop star who now resides in the UK. The video is a nod the political situation of his home country by showing a man tied up in a basement who struggles to escape.
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Rezza Pahlevani - 'Khabam Nemibare'
A collaboration with artist Jo Peele using stop motion with overlayed video performances.
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Jim Ghedi - 'Beneath the Willows'
A folk/blues song with the video reflecting on the industrial north of England in the 20th century, using old stock footage and photos to set the scene. This is intercut with footage of a man as he journeys through the Peak District as he looks back over his life.
Sam Jefferson - 'Sing Beneath The Sun'
A predominantly performance-based music video with a subtle nod to the history of the north during the industrial period at the start of the 20th century.
We took a trip out to surprise view in the Peak District where the musicians played next to old quarry walls and millstones.


Cinder Well - Full Set (Live at Abbeydale Picture House)
A 20-minute live session of tracks from Cinder Well's latest album in a beautiful 1920's theatre.
Cinder Well - 'Behind the Curtain' (Live at Abbeydale Picture House
A shorter edit of the final song from the longer live session.
Hannah Read - 'Boots'
Hudson Records like to do regular session recordings with artists when they come into town. Performed Sheffield's City Hall Ballroom. 

Mini Docs

Apricot Ballroom is a disco, jazz and groove night in Sheffield that bases itself on the infamous New York Loft Parties of past. Here the organisers talk about why they love what they do.
'Drop' was a feature film we self-funded straight after university. It was about the Bassline music scene which emerged in the north of England in the early naughties. It was a scene filled with controversy and police attention which ultimately lead to it's downfall.
This is a short promotional film to go along with the debut album of Cranni van Vessem.
We wanted to make a Behind the Scenes style piece that was shot with a cinematic style and told the inspiration behind his writing.