About me

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

My Role

I work as a Self-shooting Director when I'm making my promotional & documentary work, and as a Director of Photography & Gaffer whilst working on narrative film sets.
For clients I will produce content from start to finish incorporating editing, colour grading and sound design into the process.
When I am on a narrative production I work as part of a larger team focusing on the camera department. I have assisted DP's in the past as a 2nd AC, and more recently as a Gaffer.
My main focus is to work as a Director of Photography, and I've been lucky enough with some big opportunities making short films. In 2020 I shot 'The Good Book' which had the budget of a small feature, funded by Leeds 2023 and the Arts Council.
Since then I have shot several shorts for the BFI with my latest film 'There Are Lights' set for release later this year.
Previous short films have won International Film festivals like Leeds International in 2013 with 'Oh Messy Life' for Best Yorkshire Short.
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Jordan Carroll Filmmaker Videographer
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The Business Side

When not working on film sets I run my own business making videos to help promote businesses, charities & events around the UK.
I usually work as a one-man-band videographer that can operate the camera & Lights, direct talent and contributors, edit & colour grade, and finally, deliver the finished product direct to a marketing team.
I've recently been merging my interest for documentary with promotional content for Sheffield City Council making 10-minute films that celebrate the city, as they push to promote the city to the outside world.
See my Documentary, Promo & Corporate video sections above for examples.

A Passion For Music

I have a wealth of experience filming music videos and live sessions for bands, solo artists and events.
I started out filming club nights for Sheffield's infamous Tuesday Club and soon moved onto live sessions for Exposed Magazine.
Music videos are something I am passionate about as we all have the opportunity to create art and experiment with new styles.
I also make narrative lead music films exploring people's passion for music. Previously I've made short docs to support album releases and currently, I'm working with a local record label as they challenge DJ's to find a mix from their vast their collection of material on a time limit.
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