I've been lucky enough to tell stories of great adventures, famous artists and of mass disobedience!
Coming Soon - 'Journey to Jagdula'

With The Pinnacle Club celebrating their centenary this film celebrates the success of a group of their earlier members who took part in an expedition in the 1960's to a remote part of Nepal, and were the first ever people to submit and map a region of peaks in the Kanjiroba Himal.

A place they called Jagdula. 6 women took part in the journey with some driving overland from the UK to India, before hiking through the foothills of the Himalayas to their destination. The two sole survivors of the group recount their tale from their homes in north Wales.

A sweet film that celebrates women's climbing and shows what's possible with little more than a dream. Featuring original archive material from the expedition.
This film was commissioned by Sheffield City Council exploring transformation in the city and how this affects how we see and use it.

Interviews with 35 citizens from a variety of backgrounds talk about the changes they've seen and talk about why Sheffield is such a great place to live!
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This film was commissioned by Sheffield City Council to promote the city alongside a major new show by the artist Phlegm.
The film explores the buzz surrounding the event and the importance of his work to the city whilst showcasing the creatives living there.
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20 Years of Yellow Arch Studios is a 6-minute documentary that celebrates the history of a Sheffield music studio and venue.
It is known for nurturing talents such as the Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and Richard Hawley. The films stars some local celebrities and was funded by the University of Sheffield.
Mass Trespass is a film I made to celebrate the 85 year anniversary of the Mass Trespass of Kinder Scout.
The event of civil disobedience that was crucial in our fight to access Mountains and Moorlands.
Without it, we may never have been able to truly explore our great outdoors and may not have our national parks.