Corporate Films

These projects are an integral part of the work I do. Specialising in content for Universities and Learning providers.
This is more of a documentary project that aired on Future PLC's 'Truly' channel that has millions of subscribers on YouTube.

They promote health and well being, looking at ways people are using social media to promote themselves and the health issues they have to help others and bring awareness.

I worked as DoP on this project and it was edited in house.
Haven is a children's charity that focuses on vulnerable children who have experienced domestic abuse.

I was comissioned to make 6 films introducing the charity and the team, as well as making explainer videos covering what services they provide, and education on how children can look after themselves.

This was a tricky project as I couldn't actually film any of the children so I had to get creative with silhouettes and animations.
My work with Sheffield City Council continues with the Invest Sheffield. The arm of the council that is responsible for nurturing business relationships and bringing new investment to the city.
Here we are looking at the booming Education Technolgy sector that is now the biggest in the country.
The Festival of Learning is a project I have worked on for the last 3 years with collaborating with my colleagues at Brother Bear. I Direct and shoot on these projects across the UK.
The idea of the festival is to celebrate adult learners and to share their unique stories of getting back into education.
Sheffield Hallam University was one of my first major contracts where I had to make promotional films for individual courses in the creative departments.
I had to make 8 films for the undergraduate courses, followed by another 8 for the MA courses. I had to arrange interviews with course leaders, students and lecturers for each course, shooting and directing and the video content.
This is a great example of working with a large scale budget and leading a small team which helped me deliver the edits.
The British Tinnitus Association is a long term client that I make an array of videos for.
We use the content to help spread the positive message of what can be learnt through the BTA and comfort people with the condition.
On this project, I have had to deal with health professionals and patients.