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Taking the time to be a filmmaker!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

It may sound silly but sometimes there's a need to be a filmmaker again. After years of making promotional and corporate content you begin to feel like the name filmmaker doesn't quite fit. A videographer seems more fitting considering the type of content I was making.

People read a lot into names, and as a freelancer it's difficult to know what to settle on. And what you go with can reflect the work you do to a potential client. 'Filmmaker' is a term I've felt comfortable with for a long time now. But mainly because I still make the time to make actual narrative films.

'To My Father' was a poetry film I made with Nadia Emam in the Peak District in Sheffield one summers morning. It was born out of the desire to feel like a filmmaker once more and to tell a story. As a poetry film it wasn't a traditional narrative piece, but we developed it and executed it like one. And the results are something I'm really happy with.

It's a feeling I don't get with a lot of my corporate work. That excitement of getting truly cinematic shots. It certainly made me feel like a filmmaker again. And taking the time to do so has only increased my passion for capturing equally cinematic content in all of my work.


Jordan Carroll is a freelance filmmaker & videographer working on drama, documentary and promotional content in Sheffield and around the UK.

Working as a director, cinematographer and editor he has a wide knowledge of the video production process.

He also works as a director of photography and gaffer in narrative film.

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