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Official Selection at Vancouver, SHAFF & Fort William!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

It's been a busy week for my latest short documentary 'Journey to Jagdula', with my film getting 3 more Official Selections at great Mountain Film Festivals across the country and now in North America!

This film was commissioned by The Pinnacle Club - a female only climbing organisation in the UK. This archive lead film tells the story of some of their earlier members who took part in an expedition to a remote part of Nepal, becoming the first people ever to map and climb the region.

So after the success of Kendal Mountain Film Festival, which is the biggest of it's kind in the UK we have now received more positive news from other festivals.

SHAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival) was a big one for me being such a major festival in my home city. I have always enjoyed the selections at this event and feel honoured to be included in this years festival.

Fort William Mountain Festival means that we can now take the film to Scotland. We can well and truly say we have ticked off a bunch of the major outdoor festivals in the UK. It will be another great opportunity for the club to show up in force and promote the positive things they do and encourage membership.

Vancouver Mountain Film Festival means we now have a North American premiere and what a great festival too. I'm glad this film resonates with audiences outside of the UK and it's exciting to know that there will be a cinema somewhere across the pond showing our film.

As part of Kendal post-festival promotions, they will take our film on their China tour meaning that it will also show in 5 major cities around the country there too. Meaning we will have an Asian premiere.

It's really satisfying to know that people all over the world will be watching your film in a physical setting and I only hope this entices more people to catch it once it's online.

Looking ahead it will be really nice to start getting a positive reception from film festivals outside of the outdoor scene and stand alone as a documentary in it's own right. We have made a few submissions and as the year goes by hopefully we can share some more positive news in that area

I worked as a Shooting- Director on this film, meaning I played a part in all areas of production including producing the piece, the cinematography and the editing. I really like working in this capacity on short documentaries as it becomes a personal endeavour and you get really close to the subjects. I've been really lucky to consistently work on branded docs in the last few years and moving forward I would like to find funding for a story that I develop myself.



Jordan Carroll is a freelance filmmaker & videographer working on drama, documentary and promotional content in Sheffield and around the UK.

Working as a director, cinematographer and editor he has a wide knowledge of the video production process.

He also works as a director of photography and gaffer in narrative film.

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