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Watch our new Quorn supported short Documentary about food sustainability!

WATCH THE FILM here on the WaterBear Network (Free sign up needed) -

Commissioned by Quorn Foods - myself, Brett Chapman & Lewis Coates set out to tell the story of Leaf & Shoot. A vertical bioponic farm in the heart of industrial Sheffield.

It's a 10 minute film following Luke, as he aims to make our system around food waste more sustainable. Delivering fresh produce with his electric cargo bike across the city.

WaterBear Network are hosting the film and it's free to watch along with more great films about sustainability from around the world. Massive thanks to planetSHINE for helping make things happen too!

We were lucky enough to collaborate with the ever talented Emily Redfearn for some truly amazing animations on this one. How else would we have told the story of our worms!?

Directors - Brett Chapman & Jordan Carroll

Cinematographers - Jordan Carroll & Brett Chapman

Editor - Brett Chapman

Animator - Emily Redfearn


Jordan Carroll is a freelance filmmaker & videographer working on drama, documentary and promotional content in Sheffield and around the UK.

Working as a director, cinematographer and editor he has a wide knowledge of the video production process.

He also works as a director of photography and gaffer in narrative film.

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