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BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival - BOLTON

🎉 Really excited that 3 films I was involved in have been selected for this years @boltonfilmfest which is a BAFTA and BIFA qualifying international film festival! Meaning our work will be watched by some big wigs somewhere...

'Journey to Jagdula' is an archive lead documentary I directed about a group of female mountaineers in the 60's.

'The Farm Under the City' is another documentary about sustainable food production that I co-directed with my bro @brettinthecity and produced by @staticflowproductions

'Tasbeeh' is a BFI funded short film I worked on as Gaffer (lighting) for @enonfilms directed by @iqfilmmaker and shot by @miss_jenerator

I've especially been waiting for Jagdula to get into a non-outdoor film festival and this only validates it as a documentary in its own right.

Guess I'm off to Bolton!


Jordan Carroll is a freelance filmmaker & videographer working on drama, documentary and promotional content in Sheffield and around the UK.

Working as a director, cinematographer and editor he has a wide knowledge of the video production process.

He also works as a director of photography and gaffer in narrative film.

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