I recently shot and edited a short video on behalf of A&E Networks for the History UK channel as they prepared to promote the airing of a new US based show featuring Knight fighting
We documented 2017 World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall as he got to grips with the new sport
The video was part of a wider package of videos used to promote the show online and on TV.

Promotional Content

I make a vast array of promotional content for businesses, events and television
Theatre productions promo's are becoming a regular occurrence for my line of work
Recently I been working with London Classic Theatre & Tilted Wig Productions on a variety of plays.
I spent two days with the crew filming the tech rehearsals and turned around this edit just in time for the opening night.
This was a particularly exciting project to work on as I had the opportunity to work with food.
Here I used a mixture of the client cooking a recipe with product shots and staged archive footage that reflected his backstory.
The staged archive footage was shot on a phone by his family back in Malaysia and then made to look like old 90's VHS tape.
Trentham Village wanted a video that was only 15 seconds in length for their Facebook feed.
This brought its own challenge as I had never tried to tell a story in such a short time frame before.
I think the video works well here and is a good example of how little time you need to sell an idea.
Part of a larger campaign I did last year with Better You promoting their Vitamin D supplement.
We made individual interview lead films with people from different backgrounds talking about how Vitamin D benefited them.