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Promotional Content

I make an array of promotional content for businesses, events and television
A short promotional documentary following Kitten Pyramid as they record their 3rd album; 'Kiddo' at Rockfield Studios in Wales.

Musician Scott Milligan & Producer Nick Brine explain the thought processes behind the concept of the album and why Rockfield is such a special place to make music.

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor
Myself and Brett Chapman shot the trailer for Mind The Gap Studios latest stage production, which is supported by the Bradford 2025 bid for UK City of Culture.

'Leave The Light On For Me' is devised and performed by learning-disabled performers with the aim to highlight the devastating impact of excluding people from climate change conversations.

Role: Co-Director of Photography
This promotional documentary by PALS Creative that I worked on as Director of Photography, showcases Wigan Warriors Female Rugby Team and the work they do in the community with their dedicated foundation.

Role: Director of Photography
Wigan 14.jpg
Wigan 7.jpg
Wigan 10.jpg
Mondo Radio is a community radio station in Sheffield that was looking for a little help in order to grow, and support more people with workshops and opportunities to host shows.

This was a short but sweet project for their fundraising campaign, where I got to be a little more creative and experiment.

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor
This is more of a documentary project that aired on Future PLC's 'Truly' channel that has millions of subscribers on YouTube.

They promote health and well being, looking at ways people are using social media to promote themselves and the health issues they have to help others and bring awareness.

Role: Director of Photography
I  shot and edited a series of short videos and social clips on behalf of A&E Networks for the History UK channel as they prepared to promote the airing of a new US based show featuring Knight fighting

We documented 2017 World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall as he got to grips with the new sport

The video was part of a wider package of videos used to promote the show online and on TV.

Role: Director of Photography, Editor
Theatre productions promos are becoming a regular occurrence for my line of work. Recently I been working with London Classic Theatre & Tilted Wig Productions on a variety of plays.
I spend two days with the crew, filming the tech rehearsals and turned around this edit just in time for the opening night.

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor
Trentham Village wanted a video that was only 15 seconds in length for their Facebook feed.
This brought its own challenge as I had never tried to tell a story in such a short time frame before.

I think the video works well here and is a good example of how little time you need to sell an idea.

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor
This was a particularly exciting project to work on as I had the opportunity to work with food.
Here I used a mixture of the client cooking a recipe with product shots and staged archive footage that reflected his backstory.

The staged archive footage was shot on a phone by his family back in Malaysia and then made to look like old 90's VHS tape.

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor
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