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COVID-19 Filming Protocol

As the economy starts to re-open and people start to go back to work, so too will the media industry.

If you work with me on a video production moving forward, you can be assured that I will

be following COVID -19 protocols based on the current government advice and that of my sectors union;

BECTU. Please see below how I will be working from now onwards.

1. Kit cleaning policy

Before and after every filming session the kit is deep cleaned by using disinfectant/alcohol cleaning. All surfaces that could be touched and any props used are sanitised. All clothing used is washed between filming sessions. 

2. Time between shoots

At least 1day will be left between filming sessions to enable a deep clean of all kit and accessories and to ensure there is no contact between different clients/contributors that the film crew come into contact with. 

3. Sick policy

Customers will be required to disclose if anyone coming to the session has had a fever or any other symptoms such as coughs, sickness or vomiting or has been in contact with anyone displaying Covid-19 symptoms, suspected of having Covid-19 or has had a Covid-19 positive test result at least 24 hours before their session. Appointments will be re-arranged, at no cost.

4. Self-monitoring

Filmmakers and customers will be required to monitor their temperatures and health before coming onto the set. 


5. PPE

Disposable gloves, masks and hand sanitizer will be available on-set and these should be used as deemed necessary and appropriate. 

6. Hand washing

All filmmakers and staff will be required to thoroughly wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before all sessions. Appropriate sanitising hand gels will be made available and customers are requested to use these upon arrival at the filming location.

7. Social distancing

All filmmakers and staff agree that every effort will be made to keep the 2m social distancing advice at all times where possible both in the studio and on location. This includes shaking hands and moving / adjusting hair or clothes. 


We will strive to film outdoors or in large open spaces where appropriate, and use the right kit that will allow for such separation; such as long lenses to film from a distance and microphones on stands, which allow sound to be captured without any contact between the filmmaker and the subject.


8. Continuing updates

We commit to checking for continuing updates and make adjustments in accordance with any new regulations issued by HM Government, or Local Authority.


9. Risk Assessment

The Filmmakers will establish a written Covid-19 Risk Assessment with regards to the above rules on each individual job. This can be requested from the client with 12 hours notice before any job.

10. Working Safely During Coronavirus Guidance

The Filmmakers acknowledge the Government’s “Working safely during coronavirus Guidance” and how this applies to the media industry.



...Finally we can discuss any concerns you may have and try work any of these protocols around your specific requirements.

Safe Sets Certificate

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